The Painting of Katarzyna Zelaska

There is no denying that I own one of the paintings by the artist and that for many years I have been fond of it. This is not frequently the case with modern art.

With rare exceptions, only the basic colours as well as black and white are used in her paintings. For as long as I can remember, her drawing consists of geometrical or organic rasters, as though they were some unknown alphabet or code with which the author describes the world, not wanting to be understood literally. During certain periods of this development there have appeared the clear forms of figures. There have been times when, through them, she has related to traditions in art and civilisation: columns, religious symbols and even living forms.

In her latest work, painted in traditional rectangular formats, there appear even more universal signs: the wavy line of a cardiogram turning into a continuous straight line; waves deformed by disorder or converging in spirals to one point. One can feel that behind this disciplined aestheticism lie seriousness, knowledge and experience. To me, such is the creativity of Katarzyna Zelaska - clever, but not pretentiously so. Who knows? In these times when it is so difficult to express oneself in the pictorial arts, this may be the only way to go.

Pawel Susid

Translated from polish by J. Pier