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W.O.S.I.B. Awards


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W.O.S.I.B. Awards, Gold Award

Subject: WOSIB Judge's Garden
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 17:00:33 -0500
From: Terre


The WOSIB Judges have reviewed your site
and it has won the Women of Strength &
Inner Beauty Gold (Personal-Advanced)
award - the best possible award of the 3
given in this category.


Judges Comments:

"I need to say first that I could not find any kind of
guestbook on any of the pages or the foriegn language parts
of the site. This would be one of my suggestions to enhance
the site so she would know where her visitors are from. 

The index page of this site is inviting and also interesting,
since it was a picture of the artist walking up a pathway
lined with beautiful trees. Plain and simple but inviting!
I enjoyed seeing her work~very good I might add!
I do like art and hers is very defined to a style (geometric)
that I seem to be drawn to.

Thank you and Congratulations!"

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Head Judge
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Member of Revue Garden 
"We are all women of strength and shine with inner beauty"

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