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TheWebuilders TS Awards


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TheWebuilders TS Awards – Gold Award

Subject: You have won the Gold Award
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:30:14 -0400
From: office

Dear Katarzyna Zelaska,

Your website Katarzyna Zelaska, a Contemporary Abstract
Painter ranks at: 7 out of a possible Maximum 10 points !  


TheWebuilders TS Awards is pleased to announce your site
has been reviewed and you have won our Gold Award.

We would also like to offer you a permanent link in our "Winners List",
Placed at: http://www.thewebuilders.co.uk/Thewebuilders_Awards/index.shtml

As a Gold Award winner your site will be featured in our Newsletter in
the near future.

The sites are judged on content, functionality, graphics and usefulness
to the general public. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not
all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work!

David Schwen
Awards Manager
Thank You,
TheWebuilders TSawards 
Also http://TSawards.com

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