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Hugs R Us Peace Awards


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Hugs R Us Peace Awards, Diamond Award

Subject: awards
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 13:43:02 -0300
From: Linda Smith

Thank you for your interest in our award programs.
I offer my sincere congratulations. 
Your site achieved our highest awards, the diamond
[Hugs R Us] and the platinum [Penmarric].
You are our first winner at this level this year.
The links for the awards are in my signature lines.

I loved your site. It is clear, easy to navigate, and
has everything you want to see in a website. You will
see by my assessment sheet where you lost points, but
there are very few comments or suggestions, b/c your
site doesn't need them. Our awards are not easy to win,
but I am truly thrilled that yours did.

Purrs  Lin
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