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A.D.A. (Advertising - Design - Art) Award


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A.D.A. (Advertising - Design - Art) Award, Silver Award

Subject: A.D.A. (Advertising - Design - Art) AWARD - KATARZYNA ZELASKA
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 10:57:55 +0100
From: Catarina Lassi

Dear Katarzyna

is certainly worthy of the prize that we are sending!


With a score of *83* points, we will assign the A.D.A SILVER

In addition to the Award (in jpg) we sent the following LAUDATIO:

A painter's web site or a web site done for any kind of Fine
Art activity must be clean to the art itself have room enough
to be found and appreciated for the general viewer. That hard
task was well accomplished by Katarzyna Zelaska. The design is
unpretending showing the author's good taste and focus the
observer attention in the message, for example the open gray
used in the background makes an excellent contrast with the
color of the paintings showed. The remain information as
biography, exhibitions, writings, etc. is given in the same
clean and easy way to be understood. A good example of good
taste and an excellent door for those who want know the Art of
Katarzyna Zelaska. Please accept our A.D.A. Silver award with
our best wishes.

September 14, 2008

Screen Shot of *KATARZYNA ZELASKA* can be finding in the
following pages

and a hyper link can be found


If you decide to expose the Award and Laudatio we will kindly ask
a link to our site


Accept my best regards

Catarina Lassi

Team Manager
por A.D.A. (Advertising - Design - Art) AWARD
F.R.I. 2.0
A.B.A.M. 2.5

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